Friday, June 10, 2011

The Winsome Wood Bed Tray

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  1. The Winsome Wood Bed Tray - 2011-06-07 20:46:05-04
    Pamper your partner by serving them breakfast in bed and the Winsome Wood Bed Tray is perfect for this romantic gesture. Retailing on Amazon for $21.50 after a 20% discount, the  bed tray is perfect for  serving in bed, on the sofa, or outside on the patio and the legs also fold up to transform into a regular serving tray. The  Winsome Wood Bed Tray measures s 21 inches wide by 13-1/2 inches deep and is made of solid wood frame with natural finish and white melamine top.   The Winsome Wood Bed Tray
  2. Sea Coral Inspired Contour Chair - 2011-06-08 11:51:40-04
    With sea corals being among the hot topics in the news today, here is one that comes inspired by it with no actual sea corals used. Rather, designer Ethan Creasman has come up with a sea coral-inspired chair, applying a co-polyester resin panel with limitless combinations of colors & textures called Designex Fusion to a CNC milling machine where the solid surface is cut into individual pieces which are then heated, bent to specification, & bound together with screws. With its unique capability, the coral-like pattern formed a different type of a sitting solution. Likewise this was something that offers some eco-friendly resolutions as well, avoiding wasted scraps & leaving behind a wall ornament that parallels the motif of the chair. Via Sea Coral Inspired Contour Chair
  3. The UNO Lounge Chair - 2011-06-08 15:53:05-04
    Sitting on a rocking chair would be a great way to unwind but with the UNO Lounge Chair, you get more than incurring a stiff back. Thanks to some cushions and wingback support, this is one chair that can take relaxation to the next level while rocking away while they rest or think. Its different kind of shape should capture some attention in a room. The chair is made from laminated 3D veneer and was masterfully sculptured to provide elegance and of course desired comfort. The UNO Lounge chair should be a teaser of the future of rocking chairs, a piece that can easily squeeze itself in modern to contemporary home settings. Via The UNO Lounge Chair
  4. The Nyko Play Clock For Nintendo 3DS - 2011-06-09 10:08:20-04
    Nintendo 3DS fans will appreciate the latest offering by Nyko which turns their gaming console into an alarm clock. The Nyko Play Clock will not only ensure you get up on time but will also charge your 3DS. The dock is compatible with the standard Nintendo 3DS battery and it also provides access to  local AM/FM stations. The Nyko Play Clock includes a line in port and sells for $39.99 (USD).   The Nyko Play Clock For Nintendo 3DS
  5. The Color Adjusting Illuminated Vase - 2011-06-09 11:05:03-04
    Hammacher Schelemmer always has an eclectic collection of home products and the Color Adjusting Illuminated Vase is no exception. This cool vase can be customized to illuminate in 300 different colors and features fourteen  LEDs–six white and eight colored. The cordless vase doesn’t emit heat and the vase holds water like a traditional model, providing a healthy habitat for flowers. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the vase can be ordered online from here for $179.95. The Color Adjusting Illuminated Vase
  6. The Affectionate Arms Chair - 2011-06-09 11:54:53-04
    There is no question why this chair was tagged as "affectionate". With shaped tiny hands stretched out to make it look like it is welcoming you to sit on it, the Arms Chair should be something mushy and enticing as far as sitting down with open arms is concerned. Designed by Oleksandr Shestakovych, these handy-seats transform a traditional straight-back chair into a functional conversation piece. Of course, these may seem odd but the humorous end tied up with it is something anyone would want in his home or room for some light moments. Via The Affectionate Arms Chair
  7. 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble in Skyline Pattern - 2011-06-09 12:01:30-04
    Daybeds tend to be neglected when it comes to bedding which is unfortunate since the right kind of bedding can really spruce up a  room. I really liked the 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble in Skyline Pattern which can be purchased from here for $89.81. The modern  style set features alternating vertical stripes of black and creme accented with woven geometric circles and squares and the comforter deep quilted with over 16 ozs. of hand-packed bonded fiberfill backed to coordinating Maxical. 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble in Skyline Pattern
  8. The Isabella Queen Size Bedroom Furniture Set in Oak - 2011-06-09 13:02:57-04
    Looking for traditional styled furniture for  your bedroom? Then do check out the Isabella Queen Size Bedroom Furniture Set in Oak which is selling on Everything Furniture for $1,607.84. Crafted from select hardwoods accented by Oak veneers, the bedroom collection includes one Queen Size bed, one night stand and one Isabella Dresser with Mirror in Oak. Features: Drawer stops Dove tailing Dust covers between the drawers Felt lined top drawers Wood on wood center glides Dimensions: Bed: 89.25″(L) x 64″(W) x 72.25″(H) Night Stand: 28″(L) x 17″(W) x 28″(H) Dresser: 64″(L) x 18″(W) x 38″(H) Mirror: 45.5″(L) x 2.25″(W) x 49.25″ The Isabella Queen Size Bedroom Furniture Set in Oak
  9. DNA 11 Now Designing DNA Waterfalls - 2011-06-09 15:59:26-04
    After dabbling with DNA Portraits, DNA 11 is now extending the same idea to home waterfalls! These imaginative waterfalls epitomize personalization since the design will resemble customer's unique DNA. The process involves collecting a DNA sample and then choosing the style, color, size and the frame. DNA 11 Now Designing DNA Waterfalls
  10. The Sakura Seating Collection - 2011-06-09 18:30:30-04
    For the people seeking more furniture alternatives for their contemporary to modern setup, the Sakura Collection should be something to check out. The collection features ottomans, side tables, armchairs, loungers and beds, all coming in eye-catching designs. The collection is covered with supple, woven Hydropass material, something that should offer more comfort and performance. Hydropass is a three-dimensional network of polyester fibers woven into a honeycomb mesh. So at times when one of the collection gets wet, it can dry inside 30 minutes as water passes through the network immediately, without retention, stagnation, or a risk of mold forming. The Sakura Seating Collection is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Via The Sakura Seating Collection

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