Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • scu
    Oct 29, 09:22 AM
    as much as i'd like to use .mac, i just can't justify the price

    I am starting to agree. After 2 years it is hard to justify the price. I want better management tools for iWeb.

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  • mdelvecchio
    Mar 23, 04:21 PM
    Why don't they just use existing standards? RTSP, H.264/MPEG4 video and bonjour. There. No licensing required.

    But no.

    Apple pulls the "standards compliant" flag out of their asses only when it suits them. Boo.

    if it was that simple, somebody else would be doing it. it isnt, and they arent.

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  • deadkennedy
    Apr 14, 05:10 PM
    Balmer soon to follow as chief of iPhone and iPad development.

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  • GadgetAddict
    Apr 12, 04:09 PM
    Right now in NYC you can walk in the Apple store anytime and get the Verizon iPad. ATT models are extremely hard to find.

    So how is it that Verizon is preferred???... (I know why but I'll let you guess...:))


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  • AppleMc
    Mar 11, 11:02 AM
    We are 12th and 13th at Willow Bend. We are currently at the end of the line. There is a roped off area and they are saying LIMIT TWO PER PERSON.

    How's the Willow Bend line looking now?

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  • prady16
    Oct 19, 12:13 PM
    I believe there will be an iphone, but I doubt it will be a smartphone right out of the gate.
    Not to be too skeptical, but look at how long and how much R&D goes into current smartphones (especially qwerty ones). There were leaks for MONTHS before the E62, TMobile Dash, Blackberry Pearl, Treo 700p/W/750v/680, HTC StrTrK, etc all came out, because these things don't happen in a total vacuum...all that testing, it's hard to keep tongues from wagging and secret cameras from snapping. And people are certainly on the lookout, so it's not like Apple would fly under the radar.


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  • aristotle
    Jun 12, 02:00 PM
    There is simply no reason why T-Mobile could not have shared the spectrum with AT&T since other countries have independent competitors doing exactly that. See my post about concerning Canada and look at the UK and continental Europe.

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  • OreoCookie
    Mar 29, 06:57 AM
    I'll say it again. You are incorrect.
    robbieduncan is right-on with his explanation, you're making incorrect claims: focal lengths are independent of the size of the sensor, a 50 mm lens will be a 50 mm lens on a medium format body, a full frame analog body or an APS-C-sized dslr. What changes is the field of view, which is an angle. It is this angle which is different on the above-mentioned cameras. The reason why people write something to the effect `a 50 mm lens on a crop body is equivalent to 75~80 mm lens on a full frame body' is that we've gotten used to associating focal lengths on 35 mm bodies to FOVs. Sort of like Americans got used to measuring distances in miles rather than kilometers.


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  • scelzifan
    Dec 5, 11:49 AM
    I would bet by the time Apple gets done with him he will probably be broke. Assuming that is where the stolen goods are coming from, i would assume it's their property he is selling. To bad.

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  • rnb2
    Apr 24, 11:39 PM
    Honestly, if they offered an 8GB RAM option, I'd be sorely tempted to go from my current 2009 i7 iMac and 11.6" 4GB MBA to a maxed-out 13" SB MBA + 27" monitor. I would probably also have to move from my current FW800 OWC RAID to something with Thunderbolt, since I'd need something that could daisy-chain with the monitor.

    I know that I would lose the top-end performance of the iMac, but it would be worth it to jump to a truly next-generation, all solid state laptop. I need the RAM to run Aperture and Photoshop CS5 together effectively, but I think I could live with everything else. I'd really love to get down to one computer that is decent when hooked up to a 27" monitor, and also very portable for the limited traveling that I do. The C2D MBA is fine for my travel needs, but not good enough for my day-to-day use at home.

    I could go with a 15" MacBook Pro, but I really prefer the forward-looking MBA design and weight, and the price is more attractive on the MBA once you start looking at SSD options in the MBP.

    Do I think they'll offer the 8GB option this year? I suspect not, but we may then see it in 2012.


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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 24, 03:11 AM
    What is pissing me off at this stage is not that the console launches tomorrow or fears over shortages etc, it's the fact that 95% of the launch titles haven't even made it to review which is never a good sign.

    I suspect we are going to see a lot of turkeys tomorrow.

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  • rdsaunders
    Oct 29, 03:37 PM
    I just wrote a little bit of a blog entry on the Regent Street opening you an read it here


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  • IntelliUser
    Apr 8, 09:12 AM
    Everything I've been reading is saying that it is the riders and not the actual budget that some GOP members are holding out on. It is more about cutting off PPH then the actual budget reduction...

    That's so disgusting.

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  • thejadedmonkey
    Mar 13, 01:12 PM
    No problems here on AT&T iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.

    This is a Microsoft level problem, Apple! You aren't noobs. Get it right!

    Actually... my Samsung Focus (Windows Phone 7) updated itself at 1:59 to 3:00... I watched. I believe this is an Apple level problem, not Microsoft ;)

    wow, this is a NETWORK issue, not iPhone.

    the time is pushed to your phone by your carrier if it's set automatically. if it's not, then of course it's not gonna do anything or it's going to be wrong.

    i thought this was common knowledge?

    if i fly down to the west coast (i'm in the east) and restart my phone, I WILL GET THE TIME FOR THE WEST COAST

    Phones keep time while they're off. Phone's also don't check to see what time it is, every hour, they check when they're turned on. The network provides a fallback, but the phone should know what time it is, too. There's no excuse for Apple's spotty coding. None.


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  • mrblack927
    Apr 21, 04:48 PM
    I think the next iPhone released would be called iPhone 5

    2007 - iPhone
    2008 - iPhone 3G (instead of calling it iPhone 2 they wanted to promote that it had 3G speed capabilities)
    2009 - iPhone 3GS (Want to call it iPhone 3, but used 3G, add S to avoid confusion
    2010 - iPhone 4 (4th version)
    2011 - iPhone 5

    Fair enough. Just for fun, here's what I think it will be:

    2007 - iPhone
    2008 - iPhone 3G (promote the 3G capabilities)
    2009 - iPhone 3GS (just a spec bump, so they give it the "S" designation)
    2010 - iPhone 4 (a major revamp- use "iPhone 4" as a strong name to emphasize a "new generation" for iPhone)
    2011 - iPhone 4S (just a spec bump, so they give it the "S" designation)
    2012 - iPhone 4G (promote the 4G capabilities)
    2013 - iPhone 7 (a major revamp- use "iPhone 7" as a strong name to emphasize a "new generation" for iPhone)

    ... and the cycle more or less repeats ;)

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  • Dr Kevorkian94
    Jun 10, 06:42 PM
    i dont get service with t-mobile around my house so i switched to att when the first iphone came out and never went back but this might just do it


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  • rovex
    Apr 5, 11:58 AM
    True, physical plastic home button is very easy to get micro scratches which are pretty visible. Again, capacitive home button flush with the glass will not have micro scratches like on plastic.

    The issue which arises now though is the responsiveness of capacitive buttons. As in maybe they lose responssiveness after a while.

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  • ChrisA
    Oct 9, 03:32 PM
    Just what can Target say? "If you allow Apple do do something that might cut into out DVD sales we will intentionally sell fewer DVD" Kind of like holding a gun to your head threatening to shoot.

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  • Deputy-Dawg
    Sep 25, 10:55 PM
    Kimberly Clark fought, and lost, the same battle over 'kleenex' becoming a generic noun for facial tissue. Bayer lost it over 'asprin' as the name for sodium acetosalcylate. And there are numerous other examples. All were lost because the owners of the trade name did not vigorously defend their trade name. Apple is doing what it must. Will they suceed? If history is any clue probably not

    Aug 19, 09:49 AM
    There will be a way to turn it off(better be), it's not working yet either.

    Apr 17, 06:20 PM
    Great! I look forward to you chasing me down ;)

    haha. i don't think that's gonna happen just yet. maybe next year though :)

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    welcome to the team!

    Jun 20, 02:11 PM
    All that matters is what games you like. Halo, Gears? Get a 360. inFamous, LBP? Get a ps3.

    The 360 has tons more shooters, but the ps3 has it beat in variety, imo. With titles like the aforementioned inFamous, LBP, as well as The Last Guardian, Ratchet and Clank, God of War, etc theres a lot more variety than the 360 can offer. Of course none of that matters if you like what the 360 has more.

    Apr 14, 01:24 PM
    He is a spy. That will promote it to page 1 for all those page 2 people.

    Feb 18, 11:44 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I hope he is doing well, Steve is a BIG part of Apple I'll always think of Steve as one of the greatest people of our time, my heart goes out to him I hope he does a speedy recovery. We love you Steve.

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