Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spider-Man: Edge of Time wallpaper and trailer (plus two game reviews)

Here's the trailer for Spider-Man: Edge of Time. I cropped a widescreen wallpaper featuring Anti-Venom:

Which all gives me a good reason to finally mention how much I liked the DS version of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. I picked up Shattered Dimensions ($20 at Amazon) and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (also $20) for my boys. But after they asked me for help with the Spidey game, I fell in love with it and claimed it for my own. The game is a lot like Metroid starring Spider-Man. He controls so well and has so many moves that for quite awhile I simply enjoyed swinging and crawling on walls. I highly, highly recommend it. (You can watch a full playthrough here.) I can't think of any game I've actually enjoyed replaying this much. My 4 and 6 year olds have also come to love it as long as I help them past the two or three tricky parts.

What's strange is that it and the Ben 10 game were both made by Griptonite. And Ben 10 was abysmal in every way - - the characters control terribly, it's difficult to see where to go next, the next platform is always off camera so jumps are blind and often fatal, save zones are too far apart, and cut scenes are long, boring and unskippable.

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