Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Sasan Magic Carpet Is Also A Chaise, A Bed And A Sofa

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  1. The Sasan Magic Carpet Is Also A Chaise, A Bed And A Sofa - 2011-06-14 15:23:40-04
      The Sasan Magic Carpet is perfect for the self-confessed procrastinator and looks great too. Designed by Alexander Munk Design Bureau, the carpet also moonlights as a chaise and a daybed and looks super comfortable. The multifunctional furniture concept is "thin as a carpet, comfortable as an upholstered furniture and versatile as a Swiss Army knife". Now how can anyone question a description like that? Source   The Sasan Magic Carpet Is Also A Chaise, A Bed And A Sofa
  2. Dayton Storage Chest Cal King Bed - 2011-06-14 18:27:30-04
      The perfect bed should be both practical and stylish and the Dayton Storage Chest Cal King Bed fulfills both the criteria. The  elegant contemporary bed not only makes quite a visual statement but also provides spacious storage as it includes a high bookcase headboard,  two open shelves , two small felt lined drawers, along with two drawers below each side of the bed, and four drawers in the footboard. Measuring  97 1/2″L x 73 1/2″W x 56″H, and made of solid wood, the Cappuccino finished bed also has bevelled wood fronts, accented with brushed nickel hardware. Matching nightstand, dresser, mirror, chest and TV dresser are available separately and you can order it from Amazon for $1,123.45 after a 67% discount.   Dayton Storage Chest Cal King Bed
  3. The Tarbouche Chair By Younes Duret - 2011-06-14 19:30:35-04
    Moroccan designer Younes Duret’s creations are always out of the box and the Tarbouche Chair is no exception. This comfortable circular shaped armchair resembles a satellite dish  and the base is flower shaped which gives it a very whimsical vibe. The interesting design can be credited to the designer’s use of graphic codes (Oriental, Western forms) with modern  manufacturing techniques. The Tarbouche chair no doubt makes a style statement and we like the fact that it hasn’t comprised on quality in the name of aesthetics.   The Tarbouche Chair By Younes Duret
  4. The Goggle Desk By Danny Venlet - 2011-06-14 21:35:42-04
    The Goggle Desk is not affiliated to Google in anyway but we can’t help but notice the tongue in cheek name and its connotations. Created by designer Danny Venlet for Babini, this stunning desk has been designed in keeping in mind both home office and commercial spaces and hence is available in a plethora of colors. Designed for the discerning consumer, the beautiful Goggle Desk is contemporary and chic.   Source   The Goggle Desk By Danny Venlet
  5. The Multifunctional Sofa Bike - 2011-06-14 21:54:44-04
    Here is a solution that should get tired legs some reprieve. This is the Sofa Bike, something from Jacek Holubowicz that was on hand at the International Design Festival in Berlin. The Sofa Bike features two separate 8 gear hubs, hydraulic brakes which are operated by the front handlebar and dynamic chain steering. With the built-in stereo, a convertible roof and 17 mAh batteries, pamper yourself as much as you want and rest anywhere you prefer with this handy and mobile sofa. Via The Multifunctional Sofa Bike
  6. The Hand Powered Espresso Maker - 2011-06-14 22:41:13-04
    The Hand Powered Espresso Maker may just be a savior to millions of coffee addicts. This beautiful machine produces rich Italian coffee drinks without electricity and also comes with a hand-powered frothier. The espresso maker is made from durable cast aluminum with a hard plastic water reservoir and once you push down the pistons, it  creates up to 10 bar of pressure to extract rich, complex espresso topped with creme. The Hand Powered Espresso Maker can be purchase from Hammacher Schlemmer.   The Hand Powered Espresso Maker
  7. The Long Form Library - 2011-06-15 04:28:04-04
    At first glance of this Circular Reading Nook, one could recall that round shelf-like furnishing we featured here some months ago. But regardless, the Long Form Library was made for the modern bookworm to relax through reading and provide necessary storage for books and other reading materials in a seemingly comfortable manner. A reader will end up sitting in the middle in a reclined position with overhead lights providing the necessary lighting when necessary. Accent lights by the rim give the whole thing a dim glow that should deliver some relaxing ambiance and the bottom was designed to offer a rocking motion without worrying about tipping over. The Long Form Library remains a prototype for now and costs a whopping $9,500 if ever you intend to get one. For now they remain hand-made although the designer said via Etsy that this will be machine-produced soon and lower the pricing as well. Via The Long Form Library
  8. The Millennium Falcon Table For Star Wars Fans - 2011-06-15 10:53:39-04
    Aliens and Star Wars have always fascinated the design continuum and the Millennium Falcon Table further reiterates this trend. Designed by John and James M of R9 design studio, the uber geeky table pays homage to Star Wars in style and resembles a space-ship. The 42 inch coffee table has a wooden base, and has been decked with a clear glass top. So if you love everything related to Star Wars, then save up and purchase the dramatic Millennium Falcon Table. The Millennium Falcon Table For Star Wars Fans
  9. The Centro by Rolf Benz Is Multi-Functional - 2011-06-15 11:05:08-04
    The Centro by Rolf Benz is a multifunctional piece of furniture that moonlights as a sofa, a lounge and even a  daybed. The multi-purpose piece of furniture is made up of modular pieces that can be joined together to achieve various configurations. Since the pieces come with castor wheels, it only makes the whole process easier. The Centro by Rolf Benz Is Multi-Functional
  10. Tommy Pouf With Swarovski Crystals - 2011-06-15 12:54:01-04
    If you only want the best for your derrière then the Swarovski-studded poufs pictured above are ideal for you. Designed for the rich and the spoilt, the Tommy Pouf has been designed by Valdenassi, who specialize in in furniture and teak fittings for yachts. The  luxurious pouf has been inspired by the shape of a box tree and the polyethylene base resembles a flowerpot. For the maximum comfort, the leather cushion is soft and weather-proof. Tommy Pouf With Swarovski Crystals

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