Thursday, June 16, 2011

Park Shin Hye : Clarifies Rumors of Throwing Away Fan Gifts..

Recently, a rumor has been circulating in Taiwanese Internet community sites saying Park Shin Hye has a really arrogant attitude towards fans and also threw away gifts from fans.

Park Shin Hye went to Taiwan for cosmetic promotion activities last year, and rumor of her dumping fan gifts came out right after she left. Netizens who claimed to be Park Shin Hye’s fans expressed their disappointment in her since she refused taking pictures with an arrogant attitude, and threw away all the gifts from fans. Although there were fans explaining it might be because she was too tired to smile, most fans felt shocked and upset.

Park Shin Hye was back in Taiwan for promoting her upcoming drama “Hayate the Combat Butler” few days ago. When asked about the “gift throw away” issue, her face turned stiff and stated, “I’ve never heard of this before. I did receive lots of presents whenever I came to Taiwan; and I tried to bring them all back to Korea as long as they were handed into my hands. I even sent the presents back by mail since there were too many to carry with me.”

Park Shin Hye apologized to fans for such a rumor, as she further added, “It might be the staffs’ mistake that I did not receive those gifts, and I hope they could be more careful the next time.”



gosh, maybe this rumors from her antifans.. ckckck.

i think it's not the fault of Shinhye.. she will not do anything like that.. and her always take & saving gift from her fans at her home (there is a special room for gift from fans), so it's probably a technical fault from her staff / bodyguard. 

as well as Sukkie.. sometimes, his staff / bodyguard too hard to protect him (remember.. fansign in Thailand some time ago).. the staf/bodyguard sometimes make them was far from fans.. where as Sukkie & Shinhye also wanted to be closer to their fans.. because they're love their fans.. ^^

Source : soompi

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