Sunday, June 19, 2011

Park Shin Hye : brought the children from low income parent watch Green Day 110619 !

Hungersaver ambassador Park Shin Hye June 19 at Seoul Animation Center invited the children to watch low-level animated film "precious life dreams."

To the film "precious life dreams," the hero "" voice of Park Shin Hye as a regional children's center in hungersaver "happy home" more than 30 school children invited to watch movies together, and conveyed the gift.

Park Shin Hye in said: "The first time as movies with audio, low-level children's cultural experience fewer opportunities to watch very pleased with the" "kids did not lose the ability to dream of the healthy growth of more serious work."

In addition, Park Shin Hye as hungersaver in May of this year's ambassador for the "happy family" back-school activities to help children develop a positive decision.

original text:

hungersaver宣传大使朴信惠 今年6月19日在首尔动漫中心邀请低收入层儿童一起观看动画电影《珍贵日子的梦想》。



另外,朴信惠在今年5月担任hungersaver的宣传大使,为“幸福的家”学校 帮助儿童积极 开发后援活动的决定。


Shinhye is a beautiful girl with beautiful heart too.. ^^

Source : baidu, weibo, goodle (translator ^^)

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