Thursday, June 9, 2011

Park Shin Hye : and Jung Yonghwa campus couple "photoshoot"..

On 25th May, the duo attended a photoshoot filming for MBC upcoming drama 'Heartstrings' at the Soeul Institute of Arts campus located in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do.

In the two photos released by JS Pictures, Jung Yonghwa is spotted playing the guitar with a passionate pose. Park Shin Hye is captured dancing like a butterfly with a variety of actions which are good representations of the nature of her character - a bright and bubbly girl.

Shinhye & Yonghwa went up onto a high location to film the photoshoot. Despite the uncomfortable poses and location, the duo show their delightful faces throughout the shoot and drew applause from the staff.

They previously worked together in SBS drama 'You're Beautiful' in 2009 and have brought their friendship to their current drama project. on set, Shinhye and Yonghwa are always seen playing tricks on each other, creating a friendly atmosphere.

*i hope keunsuk oppa not be envy* :P.

Source : JS Pictures, DC, pshifc

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