Monday, June 20, 2011

The Organic Star Duvet Cover

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  1. The Organic Star Duvet Cover - 2011-06-17 13:30:20-04
    The Organic Star Duvet Cover is perfect for your child’s bedroom given its pretty and of course organic. Made of pure organic cotton percale for natural softness, the bedding has an attractive yet simple star pattern, which can also be mixed and match with other bedding sets. So if the Organic Star Duvet Cover caught your fancy, then head over to Pottery Barn Kids where prices ranges from $16.50 – $94.00. Pure organic cotton percale. 200-thread count. Oeko-Tex certified. Printed with simple, elegant star pattern. Easy-Care finish. Duvet cover has hidden buttons and interior ties. Personalization is available for an additional $7.00. Machine wash. Imported. The Organic Star Duvet Cover
  2. Invotis Wall Gear Clock - 2011-06-17 13:58:51-04
    Invotis offers an odd looking timepiece you can put up on your home's walls with the Invotis Wall Gear Clock. The wall clock is made from plastic and metal and allows anyone to simply watch the gears move as each second passes. Wil Van Den bos designe the Wall Gear Clock which requires 2 D batteries to function. It weighs only 2.63 lbs. and is available for purchase over at Kikkerland for only $99. If you want a cheaper price, head on over to which is selling it for just $59.52. See the Wall Gear Clock in action below. Via Invotis Wall Gear Clock
  3. The Camp Bedroom Set In Solid Wood - 2011-06-17 14:30:34-04
    Kids love to go camping and now they can enjoy it indoors too. Check out the uber-cute Camp Bedroom Set which is currently selling on Pottery Barn Kids at a discount. Crafted with a solid wood frame, the bedroom set has been detailed with plank paneling, square finials and solid wood legs and the dresser is equipped with two large and two small drawers with an open storage area below. The Camp Bedroom Set can also be purchased with an optional trundle and the slat-roll foundation is designed for use with or without a box spring.   The Camp Bedroom Set In Solid Wood
  4. The Music Chair By Jeroen Wesselink - 2011-06-17 17:33:17-04
    It was Friedrich Nietzsche who once famously said ” without music, life would be a mistake” and its hard to question such a profound statement. Industrial designer Jeroen Wesselink  also shares a smilier sentiment and hence the rather imaginative Music Chair. The chair has been equipped with eleven music boxes that make sweet magic. We love how the quirky little chair discards traditional design practices. The Music Chair By Jeroen Wesselink
  5. Father's Day Gift Ideas – i-Got-Control Universal Remote - 2011-06-17 19:35:14-04
    With Father’s Day just round the corner, it is time to zero into the perfect gift. If your mum and dad are always fighting over the remote, then get the i-Got-Control Universal Remote which will turn your father’s iPhone into an universal control and he no longer will mind relinquishing the remote control to your unsuspecting mum. Retailing on Think Geek for $39.99, the i-Got-Control allows you to control thousands of different devices  via an intuitive touchscreen interface. Father’s Day Gift Ideas – i-Got-Control Universal Remote
  6. The Handmade Fingerprint Table - 2011-06-17 19:58:57-04
    Here is a concept table that should be great for the home. The table is the Fingerprint Table, a table designed by an ETSY user named themodernproject. It doesn't take much describing to tell you why it is named as such and these tables are actually ready to order. According to Etsy, Each tabletop fingerprint is "made by hand sketch and a router to give it the unique quality you see in each different fingerprint." The table is made from maple or plywood and makes use of three coats of polyurethane. They are handmade and would be hard to duplicate. Via The Handmade Fingerprint Table
  7. The Kitchen Bull Book Storage System - 2011-06-18 13:19:03-04
    Here is something that cooks and the wannabes are going to find perfect for their domain (the kitchen). This is the Kitchen Bull from Toro Legno, a book storage system intended to keep those cookbooks in check. The bookshelf also comes with provisions for knives in case you find yourself whipping up something in the kitchen. It comes with a chopping board of sorts as well, something that should make it easier for anyone to mince or chop some veggies or meat. The chopping board looks like it was made to look like a side of the Kitchen Bull, a neat addition to your kitchen and for cooks anywhere. Via The Kitchen Bull Book Storage System
  8. Iron Joe Polar Bear Bookshelf - 2011-06-18 17:19:09-04
    With the Iron Joe Polar Bear Bookshelf, you can place and organize your books on it in any which way you want. The odd shaped bookshelf creation features a high laminate body with a brushed back aluminum finish. Other than that, the shelf is something that can closely resemble a bear at night and scare off some pranksters or kids who may be up to no good. A neat work of art as you can see but for $5,488, you may be better off looking for other simpler bookshelves that will serve your organizational needs. Via Iron Joe Polar Bear Bookshelf
  9. Wooden Chair with 11 Musical Boxes - 2011-06-19 14:01:00-04
    Aptly called "What a Wonderful World", here is an odd chair that stems from the creative mind of Jeroen Wesselink. This is a simple-looking wooden chair project where each piece carries an embedded music box for added features. The chair was assembled and polished together with attached handles to each music box. When the handles are rotated, the music box it is attached to starts playing its tune. There is no word on why it only had 11 music boxes (or the reason for the number) and the reason for installing them. Whichever the case, it seems that Wesselink simply had a creative surge when he designed this one, odd but definitely original. Via Wooden Chair with 11 Musical Boxes
  10. The Ergo Bench - 2011-06-19 19:01:06-04
    People who spend longer times doing some work or play in front of the computer will need all the help they can get and with the Ergo Bench, they can get the necessary comfort due. This oddly designed stool promises to provide the necessary ergonomic nature for people, offering flexible options as far as working while sitting down. The Ergo Bench is likewise ideal for artists who have to sit for longer periods of time to finish up some drafts and sketches. This particular contraption accounts for the flexibility an artist demands in front of his easel or inclined drafting table. The Ergo Bench can be adjusted in height and angle to offer the perfect perch for the creative genius. Via The Ergo Bench

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