Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jang Geun Suk : arrival in KL airport (Malaysia) 110603..

i'm sorry just update this blog.. ^^

i can only update when returning to Indonesia again.. i just rely on wi-fi connection in Malaysia.. and that when in public places only :D.. i think not satisfactory if only rely on wi-fi connection, so i'm apologize for only update now..

and to my partner.. admin (S), next time.. we go together to see him! OK? :D


~admin (C)~


after waiting several hours (gosh, in the night.. i'm hang out in airport.. LOL), which awaited finally arrived..

Prince J plane and his crew arrived at the airport in KL (Malaysia).

so many eels already waiting for him.. including me (who was sleepy eyed, but once seen him.. can stare!) hahaa..

i saw some banners.. and who made ​​me surprised is that there are special banners for kurt (bb) and all Sukkie manager's! Omo.. they have fans too.. hihihi.

coming out of the door first is Jason!.. he's very friendly to us :).

then appeared kurt aka bigbrother.. 
i think he looks handsome and macho! hahaa..

after that.. i saw Sukkie manager's, and the appearance Sukkie!

kyaaaa.. screams sounded busy.. including me :P.. my hand holding BB phone and camdig feels hard to move >.< (and i'm not a skilled photographer, so.. i just follow the direction of another camera for taking photos.. :P) and then i was feeling hypnotized to see him in front of my eyes! :)).

Sukkie waved to us..

he passed the rows of eels with the help of bodyguards and his managers..

he went to the hotel (JW Marriot) for rest..

in my heart.. i can only say.. my Prince survived rest! ;)), and i went home to rest for tomorrow.. i must be feel better to meet him again..

fancam (videos) :

- i will update fansign and crishow soon! - :D

Source : pic as tagged, weibo, uploader(YT)

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