Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jang Geun Suk : 110615 interview by Korean fans (

10 Questions for Sukkie...
(SUK’ answers in bold here / in white in the pics)

1. What do you wish to say to members?

Change the message arrival indicator sound. I’m tired of it … hahaha ….

2. For how long will actor Jang’s love of the leopard print last? So long as it is leopard-print, anything is ok?

Maybe it will be fashionable for a while more, hard to say, in the midst of considering …

3. What is the correct meaning of ㅊㅈㅊㅈ? And the new phrases you use recently?

It has a stronger tone than Chojo (i.e. gambateh 加油) a cute way of writing~ team H’s regular cheer Chojo Chojo!!

4. Is actor Jang’s size 44, European men’s size 44 or ladies’ size?

The clothes bought recently are S or M or 44

5. When actor Jang says “Look at me only”, the scope that you dislike eels to look at is?

(i) All the male artistes in and outside of Korea ….

(ii) All the male and female artistes in and outside of Korea ….

JKS struck out “female artistes” and added “all the male artistes in the world”

(iii) Ok … Look at me! Besides JKS, husband and boyfriend, the rest of the people

(iv) Don’t look at everyone else!!! Only me!! None of the other creatures in the world! Hahahaha

6. The action you dislike most from eels is?

(can make multiple selections but not all)

(i) Appearing in every place that I go to …. Scary.

Stalker fans, haha.

Those who take video live, gogo

(ii) Do you know who I am? Do you know my ID? Remember me? Eels who often test my memory ….

(iii) Those who touch me here and there … besides my girlfriend …

JKS struck off “girlfriend” and added “no matter who” … touches my body, I dislike it

(iv) After treating me to a meal, eels who take out paper and start requesting me to do this and do that. Hahaha ….

(v) Eels who photograph anything and everything

(vi) Eels older than me who advise me to quit smoking, quit drinking … very naggy eels…!! Dislike naggy people~~

(vii) Others … JKS, please write ….

Online demoness hunting (i.e. making personal attacks on others on the internet)

7. In work and love, will you be attracted by people with characteristics similar to you or completely different from you?

~ People similar to me (as “pretty” as me)

8. The smartest-looking word in Korean?

(pls refer to picture 2, Q8, answer in white – means “get out!”)

9. Besides your artiste career, do you have plans to set up a restaurant or nightclub? (question from Taiwanese fan)

Thought of it in the past, now completely no. I’m very busy with work currently.

10. In the second half of this year, do you have plans to film a TV drama? Just a little hint~~!! Haha

Dalalalalala dalalalalala dalalalalala dalalalalala dalalalalala dalalalalala dalalalalala

ahaa.. remember eels.. he doesn't like being touched his body? hahaha.. 
only his girlfriend who can do that! *ehmm.. glance to our princess* :) 
but he never said that eels of all is his girlfriend? LOL

Source : KSC & Sukbar’s translations, Aphrael77

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