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Kawaii Brushes for photoshop! Enjoy!
(NOTE: The images below, as well as the brushes,
aren't mine...)

This is Photoshop Brushes part 2:
Other parts:
>>Part 3 *coming soon*

How to make your own brush (basics): [link]
How to make your own brush: [link]

Cute Faces Brushes Tutorial: [link]

Cute Faces Photoshop Brushes

How to open Photoshop Brushes:
1.After downloading,Go to My Documents>Downloads...
Search for your brush then click it once to select

2.After that, click "move this file'' from the File & Folder Tasks

3.This window will appear, You can put it in any folder,make sure you remember 
the folder name OR go to Local Disk(C:)>Program Files>Adobe>
Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Or any version you're using)>Presets>Brushes

4.Then close the folder "Downloads", open now Adobe Photoshop,
New, then select the brush tool or push Ctrl B

5.Click this arrow here to open the brush preset picker

6.Now that that's open, click on the small arrow on the right
side of the brush preset picker

7.A drop-down menu will appear, click Load Brushes
8.Go to the folder where you have placed your brush..
9.Now start using it >w<

31. Heart Brushes by One Serenity One
Photoshop Brush

32.Super Cute Brushes 2 by Doofenus
Super Duper Cute Brushes 2 30 Cute Doodles Photoshop Brushes

33. Kawaii Face Brushes by KeinHase
Kawaii Faces Brushes 30 Cute Doodles Photoshop Brushes

34. Sweet Cupcake Bonanza Brushes by PHUONGIEEE
Sweet Cupcake Bonanza brushes 30 Cute Doodles Photoshop Brushes

35. Cute Doodles Brushes by Coy-dreamer
Cute Doodles Brushes 30 Cute Doodles Photoshop Brushes

36.Kuromi Brush Set by Jenovad
kuromi brush set 30 Cute Doodles Photoshop Brushes

37.Doodle Buddies-20 PS Brushes by Chocolatecrusade
Doodle Buddies 20 PS brushes 30 Cute Doodles Photoshop Brushes

38. Square Faces Brushes by Cesstrelle
Square Faces Brushes 30 Cute Doodles Photoshop Brushes

39. Kawaii Brushes by MilkyBerry on deviantart

40. Vector Circle Photoshop Brushes by
Vector Circle Photoshop Brushes

42. Vector Circle Photoshop Brush 2 by
17 vector circle brush

43.10 Vector Circle brushes by
10 vector circle brush

44. Happy Rainbow Brushes by chokingonstatic on deviantart

45.Kawaii Photoshop Brushes by Coby17 on deviantart

46.Trash & Funny by MilkyBerry on deviantart

47. Kawaii Face Brushes by xlilbabydragonx on deviantart
download here

48.Kawaii Faces Brushes by Retryo on deviantart

49. Nemu Neko Photoshop Brushes by papayabadger on deviantart

50.Kawaii Animals Brushes by GrayMegumi on deviantart

51. Miku Hatsune Brushes by Bekinha-chan on deviantart

52. Sparkle Photoshop Brush Set by kurisutaru on deviantart

53. Star Vector Brush Set by rogueXunited on deviantart

54. Fantasy Butterflies Brushes by Fantasy on deviantart

55. Music Brushes (unknown artist)
Music brushes

56. Music Vectors & Brushes (unknown artist)
Music Vectors and Brushes for Photoshop

57. Bad Ass Hearts Photoshop Brushes (unknown artist)
Bad Ass Hearts Brush Preview
Bad Ass Hearts Brush Preview

58. Butterfly Fantasy Brush Sets (unknown artist)
Butterfly Fantasy Brush Preview
Butterfly Fantasy Brush Preview

59. Celestial Floral Brush Set (unknown artist)
Celestial Floral Brush Preview
Celestial Floral Brush Preview

60. Girly Whirly Brush Set (unknown artist)
Girly Whirly Brush Preview
Girly Whirly Brush Preview

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