Friday, June 17, 2011

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(The images above aren't mine)

You really wanted to cosplay as Miku Hatsune or 
any other Vocaloids but you have don't have that much
money or any other problems. Why not make your own
headphones or maybe a pleated skirt?

All of these are D.I.Y.,maybe >w<

Make your own:.....
*Pleated Skirt (Miku or any other character)*

*Headphones (Miku, Rin or any other character)*

*Magnet Headphones (Miku, Luka or any other character)*

*Necktie (Miku or any other character)*

-You may put 2 black plain hair clips

*Black Rock Shooter Canon*

*Arm Warmers or Sleeves (Miku or other character)*

*^^^ Shirt Raffle (Miku or other character)*

*Shirt or Top (Miku, Neru or other)*

*Wigs with huge curls (Teto Kasane or other)*

*Bows (Haku or other)*

*Boots (Black Rock Shooter or other)*


(click on the image if you can't read it)

Miku Hatsune Cosplay (Make-up tutorial) -video

How to make a Necktie -read

How to make the sleeves (Arm Warmers) -read & images

Miku Hatsune Shirt Raffle -video

Miku Hatsune Shirt Tutorial -read

Wig Tutorial (2 pigtails like Miku's hair) - read & images

Rin Kagamine Bow tutorial -read & images

How to make Rin Kagamine Headset  -read & images

Rin Kagamine Wig & Make-up tutorial -video

Sailor fuku/shirt collar for Rin Kagamine

Sailor Fuku tutorial (Rin Kagamine)

How to make Black Rock Shooter Canon -read & images

No-stretch Boot Cover (BRS) Tutorial -read & images

Wig with Huge Curls tutorial -video

Bow Making -read & images


Magnet Headphones (Wings)

Magnet Headphones (Design)

Miku Hatsune "01'' Tatto Template (with instructions)

NOTE: Will add more info or posts about this or 

cosplaying other anime soon.

-Hope this helps...Good luck~! >w<-

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