Thursday, June 16, 2011

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>>My other post about anime desktop mascots:<<
[other posts *coming soon*]
Another Post about desktop mascots, this time it's all
Shimeji-s! >w<
Shimeji- They are cute little mascots that can walk,run or sit
on your toolbar, climb on the sides of your screen-thingy.
It's called "Shimeji" 'cuz it's like a japanese mushroom,saying like
they multiply like japanese mushrooms. You can pick 'em up & 
throw them offscreen. 

*Vocaloid Shimeji*
List of Vocaloid Shimejis:
Miku (sketch)
Rin Kagamine
Len Kagamine
-Aww, My favorite! I know the last post,
"Kawaii Little Desktop mascots running around your screen"
,which is [post 1], I gave the download link of vocaloid shimejis,
but you should download this too, it has Luka in it >w<.

 Photos of Luka Shimeji:
-Aww~! With Miki Furukawa too??!!

*Touhou Shimeji*:

>>download Touhou shimejis here<<

List of Touhou Shimejis:













-I don't know this anime, but the only character I know here

is Reimu Hakurei >w<.

(This are just some of the characters)

*Panpan The Panda Shimeji*
>>download Panpan the Panda shimeji here<<
-A cute little panda character created by

Very kawaii indeed >w<.

*Mitsume-Temo Shimeji*

>>download here mitsume-temo shimeji here<<

-If you don't know who she is just look at here ;3:


This shimeji created by Noir74 on deviantart

*Hinata Shimeji*

>>download Hinata shimeji here<<

-I dunno, is this the one from Naruto or...never mind. kawaii! Shimeji created by Puka-Berries

on deviantart.

*Hoshi Shimeji*:

>>download Hoshi Shimeji here<<

A kawaii little cutie created byPegawolf on deviantart

How to open:

*Open your "Hoshi" folder

*Click "Hoshi" folder again

*Then, click "Shimeji"

written below it is "Executable Jar File"

"123 KB"


How to close or remove your shimejis

from your desktop:

1.) When you open your shimeji, an icon appears

in your toolbar, so to exit it, right-click on it

then click the 4 boxes below "IE[][][][][]"

How to make your own Shimeji:
How to expand shimeji animation:
Can't see the pic? Click it to make it
full size

NOTE: More about this post coming soon

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