Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Happy Baby
I'm new to this game, I just started playing it a while ago.
I saw this image-thingy on my friend's status saying that
she started playing "Happy Baby"

The babies on the image look so kawaii, so I thought
maybe I should try playing the game & I did :3

Dress up, feed, nurture & enter your baby in
contests to know who is the cutest baby ever
dressed in the game ^^. You may earn coins
if you win the contest. Chat with other users
in Public Places like the Tree House or Playground.
Oh yeah, my baby's name is "Miku Hatsune" again >w<.
I dressed her as a "black cat" but with cyan-colored eyes
'cuz you know, her name is Miku Hatsune, lol xD.
Before you start playing Happy Baby, There is a tutorial
on how you change clothes, feed, etc. your baby >w<
If you were to play this too, make sure to keep out an eye for 
free coins on their fan page, I just got 30 free coins
xD. I entered the contest "for the beginners" I have 3 votes
only TTwTT. Thanks to those who voted for me~!

You can also write a Diary (Note: Other people may

see this :<) Have fun!

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