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Homedit.com Interior Design & Architecture Inspiration Newsletter

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Classic White Interior Kitchen Design

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 10:17 AM PDT

Vibrant, crisp, clean and sharp: A kitchen with white interior design is undoubtedly an ideal setting irrespective of the fact, whether you prefer contemporary or classic, rustic or urbane.  The use of white color does not only make the area airier and bigger, but also provide a clean canvas to efficiently showcase other relevant elements in order to create a functional, enchanting and inviting kitchen. Printed fabrics appear more vibrant, wood finishes appear rich against white, and the lighting fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers are allowed to stand out as a focal point of the room against the neutral white backdrop.

As white is a neutral cool shade, there is oodles of decorating designs for decorating the kitchen with the shade ranging between contemporary and classic.

There is nothing as elegant as dressing the entire kitchen in the white shade. Some people find the look to be sterile, but this is not the case. A kitchen can be easily designed in complete white by playing with textures or designs and completely avoiding colors. For instance, you may choose pristine white tiles featuring raised or deep designs for the backsplash area. White net curtains with intricate laces, clear glass or frosted cabinet doors, and a self designed china collection displayed on the shelves will lend a lot of character to the space. Alternatively, you may also employ different shades of white such as off-white, cream and ivory for accessories and linens.

Another impressive white interior design for the kitchen is to use the theme – black and white. Stainless steel appliances and silver accents can be used to make the room dramatic. Check board patterned tiles may be used for the backsplash area as well as the floors. Black and white photographs and white roses in black vases can be used to highlight the theme further and make the room inviting. As lighting plays a major role in interior design, it should be optimally involved. Black or Silver crystal pendants and chandeliers will jazz up the décor.

White interior designs also look good when blended with one accent color. Pink, purple, red and green are few options that may be selected. The accent color can be easily introduced in the room by way of decorative accessories, linens, fabrics, towels and other types of art work.

The Vienna Way Residence by Marmol Radziner

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 09:27 AM PDT

When you say Vienna Way Residence, you say both modern residence and young family and you are right. It is a contemporary residence perfectly designed by Marmol Radziner for young people who know how important is to make their dreams come true. This imposing residence is located in Venice, California, in a native Californian landscape which makes you think about the American Dream and what it stands for.

Everything about this building is impressive, but a special place is occupied by a great kitchen, in contrast with the facade of the building and providing a spectacular view of the pool, of the yard and of the surrounding area. The existing plants, trees and grass in the yard carefully taken care of, emphasize the beauty of this particular place which is the perfect environment where people can relax and feel at ease. It is everything a young couple or young family could dream of.

The landscape is ideal, the yard is the perfect place to have dinner, the glass offers the chance to see the pool at night and during the day, and its combination with the other materials used:  marble, wood, offer a general impression of high quality and good taste. The entire space covered by the residence is in harmony with the natural environment, everything being simple and complex at the same time.

3D furniture collection by Martin Gallagher

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 08:12 AM PDT

Nowadays almost all new movies are 3D. It's an invasion! It's become such a common detail that people have started coming up with all sorts of 3D designs. For example here's a furniture collection actually called "3D". It's been designed by Martin Gallagher and it's a very modern furniture collection.

The 3D collection includes a very beautiful and versatile coffee table and 3 stools that share the same design and characteristics. The most beautiful thing about this collection is that it's both good-looking and very functional and versatile. For example, it even allows you to adjust the height and overall scale by simply removing or adding plywood layers. However, only the coffee table has this characteristic. This doesn't mean that the stools are less functional. In fact, each stool can also act as a very good side table. Moreover, the stool upholstery is available is a large variety of different colors. This allows you to choose a vibrant color to spice up the décor or maybe a more quiet tone to match with the rest of your furniture.

Regardless of the color you choose, this collection looks equally elegant and stylish. And in case you were worried about the space, you should observe that the design of the coffee table allows you to simply add the stools like puzzle pieces in order to save some space.

How to Park a Ferrari in Your Living room

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 07:35 AM PDT

I am sure you all know that Ferrari cars are expensive and really beautiful and men who own one of these babies are so proud that they cannot stay away from them, so some of them do their best to make this possible. So they invent way of having their car next to them all the time, literally.

One of these crazy guys is the steel worker Jon Ryder from Sheffield, England who has parked his yellow Ferrari in the living room. His F355 Spider is his pride and he parks it into the  garage that communicates with his living room. When he has guests he uses a curtain to hide the garage door and he can use his living room as display, too.

As you can imagine, this decision lead to some drastic changes in the look and functionality of his house. He had to demolish some walls and link the garage to the living room and also to use some flooring that is perfect for cars and not for normal houses. Jon spent one month and £900 to finish all the changes in his house, but he is very satisfied with the results. Of course, he’s not the only one to ever do such a thing, the best example being some guy called Gil Dezer who had hung a 1950 Porsche Spyder 550 in his living room.{found on swns}

Surf Hammock by Royal Botania

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 06:36 AM PDT

Whether you're planning an exotic vacation or you're just planning to spend your summer in the yard or garden, a hammock is always something that you can't say no to, especially if it's a hammock that looks like this one.

Surf is a very attractive and extremely comfortable hammock designed by Royal Botania. It's actually a little more than a hammock. It doesn't require any trees and it also a very nice roof that protects the user from the unforgiving sun. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of this kind you could ever find. The hammock rests on a sturdy metal base and it has a very beautiful and peaceful shape. It's the perfect place for relaxation. In case you wished for other hammocks to be a little bigger so that you could comfortable seat in there with your loved one, this one actually is. You can enjoy many relaxing moments in this hammock, alone or not, without having to worry that the sun will burn your skin.

For the moments, the Surf hammock is available only in white, but it's a very friendly color, actually a neutral tone that looks good anywhere. The Surf hammock is a gorgeous piece, very comfortable and you would probably enjoy it even more on the beach, where you could admire the water, the tides and not having to worry about anything. It would be like heaven.Available on royalbotania.

The Luxurious Adamos Residence by Varda Studio

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 05:39 AM PDT

When you see the Adamos Residence by Varda Studio, located in Limassol, Cyprus, it will definitely be love at first sight. It is a luxurious residence which gives the entire place an elegant air, inviting you to discover this place which seems to contrast with the sky. You do not expect a building to impress so much, as it is a material thing, but this is not a commnon building: it is an example of modernism and elegance and it is impossible not to appreciate something beautiful.

Everything seems to exist in order to make the staying even more pleasant, not only the building in itself, but also the garage, the pool with all types of fish, the yard full of plants and flowers which charm any eye, the inviting playground, all these things make the place attractive for everybody, no matter the age.

The proportions seem to be perfect: from the big glass doors and windows which allow seeing everything from a new perspective, to the high quality of the materials, the elegant colorful furniture which is perfectly chosen for every corner. When entering this residence, you breathe an air of charm and elegance, as every little thing is in its place: from furniture, paintings and all sorts of devices to flowers, colours and all the details which make the difference and transform the house into an inspiring one, giving the impression of wideness, comfort, elegance, intelligence, modernity. No matter from what angle you are looking, you get to the same conclusion: it is perfect!

Inspiring Painted Coastal Life Outdoor Pillows

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 04:45 AM PDT

Gold… Money… Ransom… I wonder how I could resist on an agitated sea, on a sailboat, surrounded by experienced pirates.I could spend my life near them. My life would be a permanent adventure where danger would be present every second of each day.

I look into the night and I think of the next robbery that we intend to do. The far away lighthouse shows us that we are close to the shore. Morning is coming and the seagulls fly over our sailboat. A new day is waiting for us. I look at them, at my unshaved, giddy after drinking and tired pirates and I wonder if tomorrow, in the morning we are all present or some of us will die in the fight that waits for us today.

It is time that we make our attacking plan. I call my first mate and I tell him: "It is time…It is time…" "That you wake up John!"

I open my eyes… I am on my lounge, with my head on the pillow with the sailboat print on it. On the left, there is my pillow with the image of a seagull and on the right the pillow with the lighthouse. They are my favorite inspiring Painted Coastal Life Outdoor Pillows which make me think of wonderful adventures.Available from 16.86 euros.In front of me, there is my wife who tells me: "Did you watch "The Caribbean Pirates" again last night? And now you think you are Jack Sparrow?

Colorful Mosaic Bathtub by Mosaic Sweden

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 03:11 AM PDT

Summer is the season when nature reaches its maturity. You will see an explosion of green rests and hills, beautiful fields with flowers of all colors and gorgeous landscapes which take your breath away even if you are on the peak of a mountain, on a country side hill or on an exotic island.The numerous kinds of scents and colors will charm you with their fragrance and vivid nuances that will fill your soul with joy and optimism.Once you see this Mosaic Bathtub designed by Mosaic Sweden, you will get the same feelings.

Its presence will make you feel full of energy and life. It is a beautiful claw foot bathtub covered by a mosaic tile which presents you the image of a colorful field with flowers. There are used energizing and vivid colors like white, blue, purple or green. In the middle of this image there are some red poppies. They will make you think of those hot summer days when you used to travel by car and admire the wide fields of flowers.

The advantage of a mosaic tile is that creates a different effect when you stand back as compared to a closer position. So, each time you get close or distant from this bathtub you will get the image of a new design which will enchant your sights.

Tiger Woods Mansion in Florida

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 02:31 AM PDT

People grow in number constantly, but the land available remains the same, so it’s only natural to be more and more expensive, especially in the areas where the demand is bigger like in or near large cities and in such nice places like Florida for example. So if you buy a property there, you can be sure it will be worth more in time.

Let’s take a look at the mansion Tiger Woods bought there in 2006 for $44.5 million and which is now estimated at $60 million. It’s also true that he invested a lot of money in it and rebuilt and redesigned it, so it’s basically a new one nowadays.

So what makes a 100 square feet mansion worth so much money? Well, it comes with a lot of specially designed places for a sportsperson like Tiger Woods, for example a tennis court, a gym, a diving pool, a lap lane and a 100-foot running track.

The basement is large enough to house a cellar and a cinema and the four buildings around the main house include a boathouse, golf training studio, a stand-alone garage and a big guesthouse. If you add the magnificent view to the Atlantic Ocean then you will certainly agree with those estimating the property Tiger Woods is about to move to.{found on dailymail}

An Ideal Brazilian Penthouse Interior by Studio Guilherme Torres

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 10:10 PM PDT

The penthouse I am referring to is that special apartment on the top floor of a building and nothing else you might think of… it is the best example of a penthouse apartment interior designed by Studio Guilherme Torres and it is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Once you have seen the image of this apartment, you understand the need of having such a wide, contemporary apartment. It is the most appropriate place where you can relax and receive your friends.

It gives the impression of new, wide, natural. Among the most impressive elements, beside the wide space it covers, there is the huge modern bookshelf that surrounds the entire room. It comprises books, different collections and also electronic devices; its natural aspect is given by the material, as it is made of oak. As the majority of the living rooms, it has the kitchen integrated, with its wide table and modern chairs. A good impression is also given by the fact that the furniture is natural and every book and device on the shelves has its own place and is well-organized and this makes the atmosphere welcoming, even cosy.

The wide windows make the entire house seem ever wider and make you feel at ease. The tables and the chairs are colorful and provide the perfect place to entertain your guests, either with a coffee, a tea or even a party. No other house seems to be more appropriate for your family or your friends, no matter you have a party or just drink a coffee with them.

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