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Simple and modern house by Javier Artadi

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 10:36 AM PDT

This beautiful modern house is the creation of designer Javier Artadi and it's located in La Encantada, a suburb on the Lima shoreline. The exterior of the house is very minimalist. The lines are simple and neat the overall image is very beautiful and inviting. It's a two-storey structure and the rooms are arranged in a very functional and practical manner: the social area, which means the living and dining room, the bureau, the services are and the kitchen are all found on the first floor, while the other rooms are strategically placed on second floor. Here there are the more private areas: the main bedroom, 3 bedrooms for children and a family room.

The house also features a very beautiful terrace with a very nice view to the back garden. It's a very beautiful and classy house, located in a quiet place. The landscape is also beautiful and perfect for relaxation and everyday life for a small family with children. The design of the house is especially beautiful. It's simple and very eye-catching.

The structure of the house is a little unusual. It seems that the designer and the owners of this place like to play with volumes and heights. The overall image is very pleasant. The simplicity of the exterior design can also be found in the inside. The interior design is also very simple and elegant, with clean lines and stylish furniture.{found on archdaily}

Attractive Deepest Darkest Beauty

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 01:32 PM PDT

Black has always been an elegant, beautiful and attractive color which most of people adore it. It underlines refinement, mystery and sobriety. If you are at a party, for example and you wear a black dress or suit, you will show elegance and refinement. At the same time you will be fashionable because black is always a trendy color.

Erik Anderson Architects offers you the opportunity to choose a Swedish interior home design based on the elegance, refinement and simplicity that the black color expresses it. If you are a single person who loves the minimalist spaces, full of mystery and musicality then this interior design matches well your preferences.

Although there is a minimalist space, this apartment will not make you feel uncomfortable, for the contrary you will appreciate the few pieces of modern furniture arranged in a harmonious way so that it creates an airy space.The presence of the romantic, white fireplace that contrasts the black surroundings and the black piano and that of the saxophone will add an artistic and sensitive touch to the sobriety created by the black color.This whole, attractive "Deepest Darkest Beauty" is contrasted by some white design elements or some pieces of furniture.

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