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Gorgeous Grace Santorini Hotel

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 11:04 AM PDT

Summer is the season of holidays and relaxation. Everybody is in search for an oasis of peacefulness and comfort.I close my eyes and I imagine a wonderful beach which can be seen on the large window of my hotel room. I get out of the room and I sit on my comfortable chaise- lounge for sunbathing, admiring the light blue sky and the infinite blue of the sea. I feel the cool breeze of the wind and I open my eyes. It was all just a beautiful dream. Actually I was watching these fantastic photos of this gorgeous Grace Santorini Hotel which made me dream with the open eyes.

It is a wonderful hotel, designed by Greek Studio Divercity Architects in collaboration with mplusm. It has a great location, built on a steep slope on Santorini Island so that you can admire the wonderful views of the sea.Also dont forget about our Top 10 Villas in Greece before book your vacation.

Its white exterior makes a great contrast with the colored surrounding landscape. It is a luxurious, minimalist building which has many decks for sunbathing and rectangular or meandering swimming pools.


Its interiors are all dominated by white with a simple design and some subtle shades of color like pink, red, yellow, blue or the combination of white and black.The furniture is modern and the few decorative elements create a great décor in each room of the hotel.

MYP Single Family Suburban House

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 09:42 AM PDT

Located in Argentina, Buenos Aires, this single family house seems to have a permanent connection with the beautiful surrounding area. It makes you think that you find yourself in a specially designed place, in which the intention of exteriorization of volume and exploitation of  all the posibilities was totally accomplished. It definitely gives the impression of privacy, and what is very interesting is the fact that there is an obvious separation between day activities and night activities.

There are many elements which prove the maximum use of the area:  a perfect promenade place, an outer kitchen, a nice yard, a golf course. All these open green spaces, designed for relaxation, are in a sort of succession with the interior elements. The entire view has the best possible sun orientation, the interiors are protected from sun and the natural light is essential for this club house  with granite floors, wood ceilings, brick walls, retractable glass doors, rectangular forms. All these aspects are characterized by complexity, modernity, elegance created by Estudio BaBO on 330 sqm.

Everything seems to have been created in order to give a monolithic character to the house. The pieces of furniture were carefully chosen and in harmony with the interior. The building itself seems to be a perfect geometric shape, a rectangle which fits perfectly in the page it was drown.

Contemporary bedroom collection

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 08:56 AM PDT

In case you were having trouble choosing the right furniture for your bedroom, we come with a very beautiful and delicious collection. Composed of a bed, a night stand, a five drawer chest and a double dresser, this unique collection is perfect for a modern or contemporary bedroom.

The bed is available in Full (53″/75″), Queen and King (76″/80″) sizes and as you can see it's both comfortable and beautiful. Since it's a platform bed, you'll also benefit from a secret storage space, a two-drawer unit from front and from each side. The bed requires assembly and the mattress is not included. Furthermore, you can also add other pieces as well, like the nightstand (W 22 1/2″ X h 22″ x D 17″), the five-drawer chest (W 22 1/2″ x H59 1/4″ x D 17″) or the double dresser (W 37″ x H 72″ x D 20″ ). All the pieces share the same delicious color combination of cream and brown. Also, there's a mirror you can purchase too. They are available in both high-gloss or lacquer finish.

With all these pieces it's impossible not to have a lovely bedroom. It's the perfect environment, calm and relaxing, with soft and beautiful colors and simple lines. It's a contemporary design that couldn't look bad, not even if you try. The entire bedroom collection, as you see it in the picture, is available for $1.277.

Tropical Brazilian Leaf House

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 07:35 AM PDT

Brazil is a wonderful, exotic country which everybody heard about its famous samba carnivals from Rio de Janeiro or its well known football players like Ronaldo and others.

Here you may find the most famous samba schools in the world and the sparkling costumes of the dancers and their movements which will take your breath away.Outside of Rio de Janeiro, on a beautiful, small beach, it is a little house. Its roof looks like a beautiful exotic flower or more exactly like a tropical banana leaf.

It is a spacious building, designed by Mareines+ Patalano where you can  relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere . It has many verandas, open spaces and between rooms there are no corridors which will make it perfect for parties or other type of gatherings.Everything is spacious and you may enjoy the cool breez of the sea.

It is an eco building which natural ventilation for cooling has based on the open layout that takes advantage of the winds. The roof collects the rainwater for the use in the house and the interior of the building is naturally finished with wood, stone and natural fabrics. It will make you think of the beginnings the human kind when everything was natural and were used only natural materials.

Walk In tub by Senior Life

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 06:45 AM PDT

Even though seniors tend to be less friendly and more annoying and grumpy, there's usually nothing you can do about it so you just have to live with it. A solution that might help them be more tolerant would be to try to make their lives easier, to adapt some things in order to make them feel more comfortable.

A good example would be this very interesting tub design. It was especially adapted to make it more accessible to seniors and to make them feel more comfortable when using it. The most interesting detail is the fact that the tub has a little door that opens and closes and that allows the user to just walk in. Seniors are less flexible so it's not easy for them to get in and out of the bathtub. There are quite a lot of accidents that can happen in the bathroom. The tub also features an incline that helps the user sit more comfortably and that prevents slipping.

Even though I find it very interesting, I don't really understand how the door can help. It makes it easier to get in and out, but in the same time it prevents you from taking a normal bath. Because of the door, you can't fill the tub with water, so you just have to get in and sit there until that happens. It's not very practical.Available on Senior Life.

The Farell House by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr.

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 06:02 AM PDT

The Farell House is centered around a romantic yard, with private pool, somewhere  in Los Feliz, in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California. It seems very simple from outside, but when you analyze it more carefully, you realize it is very complex. The building in itself is in harmony with everything around it: the yard, the pool and once you enter,  you get to see textile blocks, wood flooring, floor and ceilining walls of glass.

The colours which harmonize so well delight the viewer and make him not want to leave anymore. The apparent simplicity from the outside floats also inside. Eveything seems to be miraculous, from the walls, glass windows, wooden floors to the the modern furniture, colours, all the necessary devices existing in a house and the details which underline the personality of the owner and the originality of the home.

Everything is carefully chosen, proving good taste, attention to details and to different symbols which exist both inside and outside; the private yard and pool are real corners of heaven and the plants, statues, stones, all sorts of pots make the atmosphere even more spectacular.The plants and the trees seem to surround and protect this space which reveals simplicity, modernity, good taste, elegance and harmony.This house is available for $1.75 million.{found on homedsgn}

Vintage Toscana Bench

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 05:18 AM PDT

Benches are really practical pieces of furniture. They can be used indoors, as a seating space around a coffee table, even at a dining table, or outdoors, in the garden or on the deck or terrace. They can also be used as storage spaces, acting as a shelf on which different objects can be placed. Personally I'm not a fn of benches, I prefer individual chairs or stools. But I admit that benches can be really useful and functional.

The Toscana Bench is a very nice piece of furniture. It's a wood bench, with a very beautiful antique look. This was obtained using a 14-step process with hand-applied layers, hand distressing and hand burnished edges. It's not an easy job but the result is quite remarkable. The dimensions of this piece of furniture are 88.5″ wide x 14″ deep x 18″ high. It's not small but neither too big. It can be used both inside and outside. It's a very resilient piece but you still have to be careful with it. Be sure to take it inside when it's raining and try to avoid sun.

The Toscana Bench is a very beautiful piece of furniture. It has an A-frame and a very beautiful antique finish. The overall design is simple but elegant. Also, you can add the bench cushion that is sold separately for 370 euros.

“What Happens When?” Restaurant Design

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 04:16 AM PDT

It is definitely an intriguing question which makes you want to discover what is beyond … It is not only a question, it can be considered a very interesting and original concept. “What Happens When?” is also the name of an experimental restaurant which has its location in New York. The idea behind the name is that every month, the design, menu and music of the restaurant are totally changed.

The initiators of this project intended to prove that the creativity and intelligence of good designer are more important and can turn into a great work and not having a lot of money. It is impossible not to like this original idea, especially when the result is a success.There are the grids on the ceilings, the handmade objects, the bird motif, the forest theme , the miniature landsacpes of plants and birds which turn everything into a new design which is apparently a “play with scale”.

There are  elements which make you wonder why you did not think about them before; for example, the tracks of different animals everywhere around: on the floor, on the walls and even on the tables, the blue and green grids on the ceilings and  so on. You have the feeling that you are in a forest and everything around seems to suggest this idea.Forget to say that Elle Kunnos de Voss of the Metrics is the interior design company behind.

Sponging the Bedroom Walls

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 03:05 AM PDT

Bedrooms usually have a very simple design, with little furniture and white walls, the bed being the centrepoint of the room and with little focus on the rest of the room. That can be partly explained by the importance given to the living room and the fact that the bedroom is supposed to be private , so kept only for the eyes f the owners. Any way, since you only sleep in the bedroom, you don’t need a very sophisticated design, so you keep things simple so as to ease the mind and sleep. However, you can use a few tricks to make your bedroom look special with very little effort. I am talking about sponging.

Sponging is a very simple technique used when painting the walls of your house. You simply take a sponge and dip it in a different colour than you have on the walls or maybe a different shade (either lighter or darker). For example you can use dark green on top of light green walls or gold on yellow walls, etc. The sponge will leave a soft and nice mark behind on the painted wall and will add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. A good suggestion would be to sponge paint only the wall at the head of the bed and keep all the other walls white and maybe match the curtains and the rug with the same colour.

Private one person room by Paolo Maldotti

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 02:33 AM PDT

Have you ever felt like you could just drop everything and leave somewhere where you could have some privacy? There are moments when a person needs to be alone, to have its own space. In some happy cases, that person can just take off and go somewhere. But there are also cases when this is impossible. For this particular situation, designer Paolo Maldotti has come up with a very ingenious idea.

He created a mobile room, for one person. It's like a personal sanctuary where someone can just forget about everything for a moment. This is actually an egg-shaped structure divided in 8 segments. 6 of them are fixed while 2 are mobile. It's a space that someone can decorate and furnish according to its personal needs and preferences. You can turn it into a personal reading space, into a TV-room, into a mini-spa or into anything else as long as the limited space allows you to.

The shelves inside allow you to place in there anything you want. It's a private space where someone can just go to relax, to get away from everything, to have some alone time. The nice part in that there's also a door hat you can close so that nobody disturbs you. Just be careful not to stay in there too long; the others might miss you.

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