Monday, June 20, 2011

30-day run challenge: day 2

today i got an early start, hitting the turf at 5 am with my sister, brother-in-law and trainer. since we did an hour of cardio and weights, i decided to do a quick 3-mile run after bible study.

as soon as we walked out of our beth moore class, deena and i hit middlebrook pike. except for the masses of bugs and an intense 0.75 mile incline, our run was very enjoyable... and uneventful!

on the other side of town, sarah got in 5.2 miles on the boulevard. yay for her! :)

i encourage you to jump on board with us at anytime! to join heidi klum in her 6-week program, you can go to her Summer Run Team page and register.

happy running,


i forgot to snap a picture, so i resorted to taking one of my mizuno. :)

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