Sunday, June 19, 2011

30-day run challenge: day 1

apparently my roommate, sarah, is a huge heidi klum fan -- something i was not aware of until she sent me Heidi's Get Ready to Run! blog post. in it, heidi encourages readers to follow her lead and run everyday for 6 weeks. when sarah's email hit my inbox, i knew she wasn't just merely filling me in on the supermodel's day-to-day... she wanted us to accept the challenge. [keep in mind, sarah also recently peer pressured me into committing my sunday evenings to hot power yoga -- something i must say, i won't regret.]

if you know anything about my running buddies and me, our exercise regime includes more than hitting the pavement 3-4 times a week and partaking in the occasional yoga class.

sarah and i are regulars at d-block performance training, a sports performance class instructed by our friend and alabama football fanatic, dunstan kendrick. [you should watch the This is D-Block promo video to see how intense he is!] deena is a dedicated mountain biker -- a fact that blows my mind every time i see her delicately walking around in a tory burch pencil dress and 4-inch heels. and angie is the mother of a gorgeous and energetic 14-month old baby boy -- enough said.

so, when sarah made this "let's run everyday" proposition in her most enthusiastic, "it'll be so fun!" voice, i was a bit hesitant to comply. but in the end, i folded, and we began our version of heidi's 6-week training today -- 06.19.11.

what are the terms? run everyday for 30 days. minimum of 20 miles per week. anytime, anywhere, at any pace, with anyone. and i'm in charge of blogging about our obstacles experiences along the way.

today, sarah, deena and i were to meet at 7 am and get in 5-6 miles. at 6 am, however, we called off the run after waking to sounds of pounding rain and thunder.

by 1 pm, we were back on and made plans to meet at a local trail at 3 pm. this particular trail runs alongside one of the area's many lakes and is 3.5 miles in length -- 7 miles total if you run down and back.

a little more than 1 mile into our run, we were faced yet again with thunder, lightning and a torrential downpour. [fortunately, much of the trail is lined by trees, so we were able to avoid some of the rain! still, we were worried more about our iphones than our own safety.] by the time we ran back to our cars [nearly at full-speed and with one of deena's old law professors -- another runner who joined us in the dash to seek shelter], we had clocked 2.2 miles. we were each equally disappointed.

after waiting for the storm to pass, the three of us collectively decided to finish what we had started. we drove the the other end of the trail, ran 1.4 miles in from that side and 1.4 back. despite the 76% humidity and unfavorable weather conditions, together we conquered our 1st day's 5-miler.

way to go girls!


soaking wet after part 1 of our run

sarah and i giggling at our situation :)

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