Tuesday, May 31, 2011

monster hunter wallpapers

monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter (PS2), 2004
  • Monster Hunter (PS2), 2004

  • cvaldes
    Mar 28, 09:12 PM
    What's with the focus on 'sold out'? Simply limit your passes well below the projected numbers of participants, and there you go, sold out. It's just a math game and a marketing ploy.
    It's neither a math game nor marketing ploy.

    Apple is not artificially limiting the number of attendees. It's a facilities issue. They are at maximum capacity for this venue. It's not like they can simply print out 5000 more badges. The fire marshal would shut the place down.

    That's why local television coverage of professional sports have their blackouts lifted after a sellout. Not everyone who wants to watch can fit in the stadium/arena.

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  • monster hunter animal flying

  • spicyapple
    Aug 3, 02:15 PM
    MacBook Pro in black?

    What are those 4 blue dots represent in this picture? (http://greaterstuff.com/google/perspectivefixed.jpg)

    monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter Freedom Screens
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Screens

  • Greebazoid
    Nov 8, 07:50 AM
    this is more of a facelift than a product change

    expect lots of these from apple now that they're Intel Powered.

    (which is no bad thing)

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  • Nice Monster Hunter PSP

  • Derekasaurus
    Aug 8, 02:28 PM
    I don't like the Microsoft bashing either...it's just something that gets to me. Microsoft bashing is a waste of energy. Who cares what company did what first, as a consumer I don't care about originality. Just give me something that works. Whatever company can implement the idea the best to provide a benefit to ME, gets my business. Just shut up and innovate (like Apple has been doing), the products will speak for themselves.

    I agree totally. If anything all the bashing makes Apple (and its fans) seem insecure. Just deliver the goods and let the marketshare speak for itself. (Plus the mightier-than-thou attitude alienates PC users and makes them think twice about joining "the cult".)

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  • Monster Hunter Tri wallpaper

  • Chris Bangle
    Sep 4, 11:06 AM
    i find it hard to believe that apple has had almost a year to add improvements to the ipods and all we're gonna see is upgraded hardrives.. dont they have an entire division working on these ipods.. they must have figured something out in that amount of time

    Core 2 Duo Imacs
    True Video ipod
    bumped nano harddrives(new enclosure?)
    one more thing....?

    yeh, your right, its not like apple are microsoft or anything. full screen ipods shuld be easy to make in a year

    monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter 2 (PS2), 2006
  • Monster Hunter 2 (PS2), 2006

  • jacg
    Sep 12, 03:12 PM
    I don't know how to include a screenshot in here but can anyone explain what the item in the Preferences > Advanced > General is that says:

    'Allow iTunes control from remote speakers'

    Also, while looking for iTunes7 I read that v 6.0.5 could send audio to more than one set of remote speakers simultaneously. How do you do that?

    monster hunter wallpapers. monster hunter wallpapers.
  • monster hunter wallpapers.

  • gregorypierce
    Apr 11, 02:23 AM
    If true this is the most awesome thing that I've ever known a company to do :)

    monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter Freedom Screens
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Screens

  • j3yq
    Mar 1, 10:02 PM

    monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter
  • Monster Hunter

  • dgree03
    May 5, 08:39 AM
    Apple is copying android!? :eek: /sarcasm

    I am sure you will have the option to download over wifi or over 3g(if they establish a patch system)

    Android has been doing this since the beginning, no issues with it in the android community.

    monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter Tri Tops 80
  • Monster Hunter Tri Tops 80

  • malnar
    Apr 27, 10:33 AM
    That's a really dangerous way of looking at it. It's much better to have three sets of money -- our money, my money, and your money. Preferably in separate bank accounts. In a situation like you sketch, usually one or the other spouse ends up doing most of the purchases with the communal chest, and that can lead to conflict when the other one wants to get something for himself.

    Kids have pocket money, which they can spend as they see fit -- adults should have at least some money that is unquestionably theirs as well. It's a lot easier to agree, once, that M and F's personal entertainment budgets are $n per month, than it is to agree that this september, we'll get a couch, and then maybe in january we'll get an ipad, etc... Budgetting and saving apply on that level as well as the communal property level.
    "Dangerous" ... this is junk talk. Who have you been listening to that suggests this? My wife and I have been married 12 years and have shared the same bank account that whole time, no separate accounts. (Jesus, what a nightmare to keep track of!) We've never once had a conflict about spending like you suggest we should. Why? because we live as WeegieMac does, the poster you're ripping on. We have respect for each other and our mutual needs as well as our individual desires. And we make sacrifices when we need to - both of us. Most of the responses in here act like marriage is a competition to see who can get what, or who can sneak this or that past their spouse. It's just shameful. What a tiring life that must be.

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  • Tags: monster hunter

  • Slurpy2k8
    Mar 22, 11:37 AM
    Here we go with the "You said this, so you must be this..." stereotype... :rolleyes:

    I know guys where even though they are the "bread winner" or contribute greatly to the funds, they have to approve EVERYTHING through the Wife - whereas the Wife can spend as she pleases....

    Happy Wife, Happy Life... :eek:

    Not into that type of relationship.

    Yeah, not really into that mentality either. As for the previous 2 posters. thanks for the response, but it wasn't necessary to patronize me as if I don't know what a serious relationship entails, and make assumptions. You didn't really provide any further insight, besides 'I need to keep the peace'. I stated in my post, the only issue should be about money. If you can't afford it, you certainly shouldn't even ask your wife permission to buy it, its just irresponsible and childish. If you can afford it, the wife shouldn't be able to stop you 'just because'. Does she run her purchases by you? Doubtful. Not every ****ing thing needs to be a joint decision where 'approval' is required. In many relationships, what would happen if the husband refused to give permission to the wife to buy something she wants (ie. an overpriced piece of fabric or shiny rock)? He would be seen as cheap, assholish, rules with an 'iron fist', controlling, a bad husband, etc etc. It basically wouldn't stand. But the wife can have veto for purchasing decisions as she pleases, even though the guy brings home most or all of the income? That's called unreasonable, so **** that ****. But nice to know you're all cool with it. I guess they have the power to refuse sex, which leverage.

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  • Monster Hunter Vocaloids

  • CFreymarc
    Mar 28, 09:21 PM
    Dang! Had $1599 extra cash burnin' a hole in my pocket...:p

    Same here. Guess a trip to Vegas is in order.

    monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter Cool PSP
  • Monster Hunter Cool PSP

  • virus1
    Oct 15, 11:08 PM
    Is that comic sans font? How appropriate.
    chalkboard bold.. didnt' think of comic sans..

    monster hunter wallpapers. monster hunter wallpapers. wallpaper monster hunter 2 02; wallpaper monster hunter 2 02. jettredmont. Sep 25, 08:23 PM
  • monster hunter wallpapers. wallpaper monster hunter 2 02; wallpaper monster hunter 2 02. jettredmont. Sep 25, 08:23 PM

  • hansiedejong
    Oct 11, 07:56 AM
    Love your light, where did you get it from?
    Thanks, it's a Philips LivingColors LED lamp: http://www.usa.philips.com/c/lighting-systems/livingcolors-clear-080044248/prd/

    I don't live in the USA, I'm from the Netherlands. Philips is a Dutch company, so here in the Netherlands you can buy it everywhere.

    monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter Tri wallpaper
  • Monster Hunter Tri wallpaper

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 9, 10:39 AM
    Do those who sacrifice themselves for others do so from selfish motives?


    Unless they are sanctioned by godly Humans. :rolleyes:

    Small "g". Very small "g". Way smaller than Font Size 1 here.

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  • Monster Hunter Pics 7

  • Porchland
    Jul 23, 01:22 PM
    The current iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 inches. A mass market paperback -- which ain't big -- is roughy 7.1 x 4.3 inches, which is almost twice as large as an iPod. Most eBook devices are the size of a mass market paperback or larger. Portable DVD/DVR players are also typically larger than the iPod enclosure.

    I am all for a wide format iPod where the screen is the thing, but I'm not sure I want to read a book (or watch movies) on it if it's going to be the same size as the current iPod enclosure.

    I suspect it will be larger.

    monster hunter wallpapers. I love Monster Hunter!
  • I love Monster Hunter!

  • patrickoehlinge
    Mar 12, 06:01 AM
    Austrian Store is down as well.

    Take note, that Austria is NOT among those countries (US, UK, Germany,...) who are supposed to get iPad's in April.

    Just compare the German and Austrian iPad site

    So why WHY WWHHHYYYY are they updating the Austrian Store as well ???

    monster hunter wallpapers. Monster-Hunter-3-Wallpaper
  • Monster-Hunter-3-Wallpaper

  • theOtherGeoff
    Mar 28, 05:14 PM
    radio shack lol, do people still shop there?

    for consumer devices like phones... yep.

    It's no BBY, but comparitively it's doing pretty well most recently (RSH has a higher P/E and higher EV/R than BBY).

    But they are no Apple store;-)

    monster hunter wallpapers. Video Game - Monster Hunter
  • Video Game - Monster Hunter

  • iliketyla
    Mar 28, 02:37 PM
    I fail to see how it is your business what car they drive whether it gets 95 mpg or 2 mpg and whether they have 7,000 kids or none.

    Get over yourself.

    If we applied your logic to every situation in the world, oh what a place it would be.

    Apr 16, 10:18 PM
    I think Mac sales are directly tied to the Halo affect of the iOS devices. The more they sell there, the more people open up to Mac as an alternative. With Lion having more iOS like interfaces, it will make it even more natural for new customers.
    I agree the Halo effect is a huge influence. Someone who's never owned an Apple computer buys an iPhone, finds out how well it integrates with a MBP, and a computer is sold. It's as simple as that.

    Apr 13, 05:08 PM
    Currently the Mac App Store has no way of offering an upgrade to existing Mac software. I don't see that changing.

    I suspect that all these apps will be stripped of their sample media. They're all quite small without them. Perhaps Apple will sell those files separately on their own on DVDs?

    Because you made a post that claimed our editing skills have nothing to do with creativiy or experience, but simply that 'knowing the software' is the only advangate we have.

    Telling people that they're useless at their jobs is gonna make people bitter.

    I don't feel pissy about this, but you basically told me that I really should be because I'm actually useless and only Final Cut's complexity has been making me appear smart, when in fact I was not.

    Boy you are taking his post quite personally. I think you will find it true in many ways - not just NLEs - that people like to defend what worked for them before in the light of something fundamentally new and different.

    We see these kinds of people come out of the woodwork whenever apple releases something groundbreaking. Not that you are one of them - at least you don't seem to be.

    Aug 7, 11:01 PM
    Top Secret stuff? You mean like a movie download service? Or a Front Row PVR? iPhone software?

    I find it interesting that he didn't say anything about Front Row and how it would be improved. He didn't say anything about iChat and how it might evolve into a phone service with an integrated iPod/iPhone. In fact, everything they did show are pretty much improvements to existing technologies, except Time Machine (way cool). They didn't add HD-DVD/Blueray to the Mac Pros. I guess what I'm getting at are things that didn't show up are most likely software technologies that have an accompaning hardware device to go with it, and since those products aren't ready they can't spill the beans just yet.

    Mac World in January is going to be amazing!

    Jan 11, 04:30 PM
    Apple anouncesses global WIFI? would be nice to be able to go online with ipod touch/iphone were ever you could :confused:

    And how are they going to pull this off infrastructure wise?

    I haven't seen anyone errecting a wifi mast in my street yet? :)

    Nov 12, 04:50 PM
    Some of you people amaze me. It's time to STEP AWAY from the koolaid and look at this from a broad perspective.

    Oh that's right, you're in bed with Steve. *sighs*. Some people will seriously never learn.

    Please remember this folks (especially the EXTREME Apple Fanboy): Apple is a company that is looking to make money. That's it.

    Ultimately, this is bad for us as iPhone users. Bad for the future of software as a whole.


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